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      Motor overhauling:

      In every step of our modern life we are somehow dependent on motors. In every plant, industry as well as daily operation of our life motors, mainly induction motors are performing their scheduled work. Due to overload, absence of maintenance, overheating as well as internal/ external mechanical and electrical fault motor gets damaged / burnt out. For proper operation of scheduled work motor must be restored back to its operating condition.

       Helix Energy is there to provide benchmark service any day anytime to our clients within stipulated time period/emergency basis. Besides overhauling / rewinding our special dedicated team to provide its test report to provide best quality possible and any kind of technical support. Helix Energy is equipped with latest instruments for this work up to 500 hp and supply spare parts for motors. 

We are equipped with kits to perform testing and commissioning works up to 5 MW.    

Why Need Motor Overhauling?

In motor construction, the air gap between the stator and the rotor is very less. If there is a little deviation in the shaft rotation, the rotor will slowly start touching the stator (In this condition, you can feel much more vibrations in the motor), which can lead to short circuit and burning of winding.

The scheduled maintenance of motor should be carried out in such a way that the motor does not reach this stage. Thus, proper overhauling of the motor is of great importance.

Motor Testing:

·         Insulation Resistance Test

·         Winding Resistance Test

·         Winding Impedance Test

·         RTD & BTD Check

·         Short Circuit Test

·         No Load Test

·         Operation Check