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Transformer overhauling:

Overhauling of Transformer means disassembling, cleaning and inspection, as well as repairing as required. our specialized team performs cleaning, thoroughly observing, repairing and required replacement along with lifting of core coil. 

In case of OLTC transformers tap changer contacts are more prone to cause transformer failure during long service period. Overhauling OLTC can prevent such undesired condition and regulate voltage within specification with more reliability and thus extend life span of other electrical appliances. 


Transformer Overhauling, Leakage Arresting & Elect. Testing:

  • Dismantling of Transformer & Draining of Oil
  • Lifting, Cleaning and Tightening of Core & Coil Assembly
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Nitrogen Purging
  • IR Value Improvement by High Vacuum Oil Circulation
  • Winding Insulation Paper Measurement of DP for RLA
  • Initial & Pre-Commissioning Testing
  • Winding Resistance
  • Turn Ratio Test
  • No Load/ Load Losses
  • Tan Delta & Capacitance Tests on Bushing & winding
  • Oil Test


  • Increase Insulation health of transformer
  • •            OLTC moving contacts wear and tear condition improves and prevents sudden breakdown of  OLTC.
  • Reduce Maintenance expenses
  • Reduce unnecessary repair/replacement cost
  • Overall improvement of transformer operation and reliability
  • Prevent leakage of expensive transformer oil from old gaskets and different parts.
  • Stress-free operation from different transformer protection devices.

Along with Overhauling Helix energy also provides Transformer Gaskets, Bushings, Studs, Buchholz Relay, OTI, WTI, PRV, Breather Si Gel etc. spare parts along with extension bus bars for Cable connection in HV/LV side and any type of retrofitting.  

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