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          One of the most expensive components of an electrical system is the transformer. Helix Energy is a trusted name in the industry and performs work for transformer OEMs and other clients across the country every day. With our wide range of capabilities and resources, you can rely on Helix for a stress-free turnkey Service. Our special team is always ready to ensure extended lifetime of your asset and minimize unexpected power outages.

With the time span oil quality, transformer bushing and winding insulation decay take place. This incident accelerates with overload / short circuit operation of transformer along with other faults. During its operation period RLA study plays crucial role to diagnose the condition of transformer, take precautionary measures and prevent from unexpected power outage.    

To perform transformer health status Helix Energy is equipped with latest kits to perform following tests beside regular tests:

  • Tan delta and capacitance Test of winding and bushings
  • SFRA Test
  • DGA of oil
  • DIRANA test
  • Short Circuit Test
  • Furan Analysis
  • Degree of Polymerization
  • Harmonics measurement
  • Partial Discharge